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A love of couples of any age, gender, ethnicity or style. A love of Weddings and the magic that is someone wanting to commit to spending the rest of their life with that other person. 

The aim of Get WED is to breath new life into the Wedding industry, to refresh the mind, body and spirit of Weddings and create events that reflect who you are as a couple and what your love is all about. After all, no love is the same, whether you have been married 10 times or this is your high school sweetheart and love of a lifetime. It is personal to you as a couple and so should be your Wedding day. 


Unlike any other company in New Zealand, we exclusively focus on Weddings ONLY leaving us free to let the imagination run wild when it comes to your dream day. We are a small team of professionals who live and breath this industry and our Weddings reflect this. Whether it is an elaborate event you are after or a small simple occasion in the backyard of your hometown, there is no limit to what we can help you to achieve and it will always be bespoke to you as a couple, there is no "run of the mill" when it comes to us - it is your day, you have it your way.